ManuMediX OU doesn’t perform laboratory tests or any other medical activities, it acts only as an agent between patients, laboratories and clinics worldwide

All the information contained in this website is general and cannot be treated as medical advice. It is never guaranteed that the information contained in this website is accurate, complete, true and up-to-date.

Results of the laboratory tests as well as further therapy should be always discussed with your doctor. You should never disregard the medical advice of your doctor, delay or give up medical help based on the information provided in this website or based on the results of the laboratory tests ordered by you. Only your doctor or other professional medical provider can assess your specific tests results and make a diagnosis with further treatment if necessary.

If you have doubts regarding your diagnosis or have any specific medical questions after you receive the results of your blood samples tests, you can consult with your doctor or with several professional doctors, but you should never decide on your diagnosis and therapy by yourself based on the tests results.

The interactive features used in the website to communicate to the clients due to their limited nature may be incomplete and misleading. No interaction via email, chat or phone ca be taken as medical advice and can be relied on without further independent confirmation.

Privacy and confidentiality considerations:

E-mail addresses and any other personal information shared with ManuMediX during an order or ManuMediX will maintain a consultation on our services, if saved/used by ManuMediX, with complete confidentiality.

This includes all personal, professional, and other information provided to ManuMediX for additional information regarding the laboratory blood testing, all personal or professional questions etc.

E-mail addresses collected by ManuMediX will not be provided to any other organizations under any conditions, or sold to any other person or entity for any reason, commercial or any other. E-mail addresses and other personal information collected by ManuMediX, if saved, will be saved only in a ManuMediX database for the purpose of an initial or possible further communication of information from ManuMediX to the sender and can be disclosed only in accordance with law and law enforcement.

Credit card /banking account information:

All credit card charges are always processed SECURELY and CONFIDENTIALLY through third party payment gateways.

Credit card information such as card number, expiration date, security code etc. is never saved or maintained by ManuMediX.

Information on personal banking account such as account number, account holder billing address, etc. is never saved or maintained by ManuMediX.

Blood test results:

Results of your personal blood tests are always treated confidentially and can be sent to you only unless upon your written request

The ways ManuMediX is entitled  to use or disclose your personal and/or medical information without Your Authorization:

  • Provision of the tests results to you and other relating information.We may send you information about your laboratory tests results and any other medical/relating information that may be of interest to you
  • As required by legislation. Your personal and/or medical information can used or disclosed by ManuMediX when this is required or allowed by law or by a court order.
  • Avoiding Harm.Your personal and/or medical information can used or disclosed by ManuMediX  to enforce law in case of a serious threat to the private or public health and safety.
  • For Research and Report development.ManuMediX may use your personal and/or medical information for studies, investigations or report development.  Specific people are never identified in such reports or studies.

Other possible Uses and Disclosures, which require Your Written Authorization:

  • Various Situations.ManuMediX will ask you to provide a written authorization before using or disclosing your personal and/or medical information. This authorization can be cancelled upon your written request at any time. Previously authorized by you uses or disclosures can’t be taken back.

Your Privacy Rights:

  • You are entitled to get copies of your personal and/or medical information upon a request per email. A fee corresponding to the cost of copying and mailing your personal and/or medical information can can be charged in this case by ManuMediX
  • In case a mistake is considered in personal and/or medical information, you may ask ManuMediX to add or change missing pieces of information. The request should be provided in writing with a reason for changing information. Though there may be conditions under which you request can be denied by ManuMediX.
  • You are entitled to request ManuMediX for a list of disclosures made by us upon a written request. The cases of provision of your personal and/or medical information to you or your family or upon your authorization will not be included in this list.
  • You may request ManuMediX to limit the way how your personal and/or medical information is used or disclosed. The request is to be in writing and include specific details of your wish. ManuMedix is not obliged to agree to the restriction. It is possible also for you also to terminate the restrictions upon a request in writing or verbally.
  • You are entitled to cancel your authorization for usage or disclosure of your personal and/or medical information at any time. The request is to be in writing. Your personal and/or medical information shared previously upon your authorization is not affected.
  • It is possible for you to choose the specific way or place you prefer ManuMediX to provide your personal and/or medical information to you. E.g., ManuMedix may use your work address instead of your home address. The request is to be done in writing (per email).
  • You are entitled to file a complaint in case you believe that ManuMedix we have used or disclosed your personal and/or medical information in a wrong way, inconsistent with law and/or without your authorization.

Nothing in this disclaimer will prevent us from any of our liabilities in any way when applicable law is violated, or any of our liabilities are excluded which may not be excluded under applicable law.

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